Welcome to my blog!

Hello world!!

So welcome to my shiny new blog!! You maybe wondering what the heck I’m blogging about this time. Well it’s going to be very different from my art blog that I did last year for two reasons; firstly because I don’t have to do it for marking purposes and secondly because it’s not going to be about art but about cancer instead. I hear your sigh!! And the ‘aren’t you over that yet???’- Nope, and I’m proud of that- my life is different and always will be, I’m embracing it and #daring2Bdifferent!

For those who have no idea who or what I went through I am please see my story page. This gives a bit of an idea of who I am and I will update and edit this as time goes on and I become a slightly better writer. I’m not a great writer so please bear with I’m learning. I’d say I’m a people person, put me in a room with a group that I don’t know and I guarantee I will walk out with a few new friends, and I will always have lots to say, but essays and writing- ugh nope not for me!!!

For those of you who sighed earlier isn’t she over the whole cancer thing yet- no I’m not and why should I be- cancer changed my life and I’m proud of that. It’s given me some fuel to my fire and something to shout about. Some who are diagnosed choose to have it as a small part of their long lives and don’t mention it and that’s fine- I get that’s what some people choose to do. Others shout it from the roof tops and that’s just as OK. Me- well I do some (maybe a lot) of that shouting from the rooftops bit but also I’ve been left with some long term effects that mean for me a completely ‘normal’ life is still some way off maybe it won’t ever happen but who cares- I’m me, and I’m proud to be where I am now!!!

So why blog and why now?? Well as many of you already know I lost a dear friend recently called Emily- she wrote a blog and founded a charity by the same name remission possible (see here). Now Em was not someone to sit and do nothing, like me she had lots to say and wasn’t afraid to say it… In short she has inspired me so here is my new blog- one of my first posts will be about this amazing girl so keep an eye out.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a long time- but I tried it a few years ago and gave up very shortly after because I didn’t know what to write about, didn’t dedicate the time and was not in the best place for writing it and I felt it was a bit too ‘woe is me’ so gave up. Now I’m 5 years post transplant almost 6- so I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my experience. I want my blog to be helpful for others, honest,  Inspiring (to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something!) to those who haven’t walked in my shoes, therapeutic for myself, and difficult for me to write because I don’t want to just give the PG version of events!

I do expect at times it to be hard to read- but its my story, my feelings so please respect that, you have the choice to read or not to read it. Like anyone else out there blogging I’m not setting out to be the next booker prize winner, or for my blog to get very far- but if it helps just one person then I know its working.  There are lots of Cancer blogs out there and so with time I hope to be able to point out articles or blogs that have helped me. I have talked to many of my blogging friends and we have talked about how many of their blogs just scratch the surface and stay PG. I completely understand this because family and friends read them but I’d really like to try and push myself past this and not hold back.If this blog is going to be daring to be different I’ve got to get past that people I know and love will read this and write how it is anyway.

I do expect myself re-visiting blogs from time to time and changing my opinions or adding to them when I feel I need to but I’ve already come up with a list of over 100 blog post ideas and it keeps growing- so I really need to get started, and quick!!!